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How a Brain Support Supplement Can Help an Aging Brain

What if your mind was turning into a maze with no way out?

More than one in ten adults suffer from subjective cognitive decline. Such adults often suffer from memory loss and get confused more often than they did before. And this decline only gets worse over time.

Sound familiar? Fortunately, you might be able to stave off subjective cognitive decline with the right brain support element. Unfortunately, most of the people who need brain support supplements don't know much about the subject!

We're here to change all that. Keep reading to discover exactly how a brain support supplement can help an aging brain.

What Is a Brain Support Supplement?

Broadly speaking, a brain support supplement is any kind of supplement that has a positive impact on the mind. These supplements are often taken to boost memory and slow down the cognitive decline of the brain.

Brain support supplements go by many names. Some people have given them nicknames like "memory pills" or "brain pills." But so far, the most popular name for these supplements is 'nootropics."

Why Are These Supplements Called Nootropics?

The word "nootropic" comes from mixing two Greek words together. Specifically, the word "nous" (which means the brain) and "tropein" (which can mean either "turn" or "bend").

These days, it may feel like "nootropics" is a trendy new buzzword. However, the word itself was coined by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea about 50 years ago. The legend around the term is that Giurgea wanted to create a better sleeping pill but instead created the first nootropic to boost the brain.

For many years, the word nootropics referred only to these kinds of synthetic drugs. However, more recent research has focused on natural supplements that support brain health. 

In some cases, these health solutions are nothing new. In fact, some of these supplements were used in one form or another over 10,000 years ago to enhance the brain.

Do Brain Support Supplements Require a Prescription?

Some brain support supplements require a prescription, including Donepezil which is often prescribed for Alzheimer’s disease. But most of these supplements are available over the counter, and you can experiment to see which supplements are right for you.

Why do certain supplements require a prescription and others don't? It often depends on both the supplement and where it is sold. For example, CDP-choline must be prescribed in Europe because research shows it can improve memory in older people with existing memory issues, but research has not yet discovered if it could have a different (perhaps even negative) effect on younger, healthier people.

Fortunately, the brain support supplements we're going to focus on offer potential benefits for everyone. And in addition to being safe and healthy, these supplements do not require a prescription for you to start benefiting from them.

Why Are These Supplements Important for an Aging Brain?

Aging produces physical changes in the brain, including certain elements shrinking, blood flow decreasing, and inflammation increasing. All of these things can impair mental function, even if you are in very good health.

Many of these impaired functions will be pretty mild. For example, someone may need extra time to learn something new. And they may generally struggle with memory and get confused at different points throughout the day.

If you are struggling with such issues, you might think there is nothing you can do because this is a natural part of aging. However, you can protect your brain from cognitive decline and some of the other negative consequences to your brain function by finding the right supplements to support your brain.

Some of the Best Supplements for Brain Health

Perhaps the best part of brain support supplements is that there are so many of them. And thanks to both scientific studies and individual experimentation, we have a better idea of which supplements have what effects.

Are you wondering which supplements can help improve your memory while offering added benefits like stress relief? Here are a few of the supplements that could change your life!


Astaxanthin may not sound familiar, but this is a secret weapon you can deploy against cognitive decline. Because of that, it has become a mainstay for many people in the fight against aging.

Some studies have discovered that astaxanthin can help with the memory dysfunction associated with age. Therefore, regularly taking these supplements can help you fend off cognitive decline as you age. And the sooner you begin taking these supplements, the sooner you can start protecting against neurodegeneration.


L-theanine supplements are some of the most popular supplements in the world. That is because regularly taking these supplements provides a range of health benefits, including improved memory.

Research into L-theanine found that it can help with brain chemicals, including the production of dopamine and serotonin. For many people, this supplement is a powerful tool in their fight against anxiety.

For the most part, though, we love L-theanine supplements because they help to protect our brains. The fact that it can help with things like anxiety and depression serves as the "cherry on top" of taking this supplement.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is a popular supplement that serves many different functions, but most of them have to do with the brain. For example, Huperzine A helps with the production of acetylcholine. By helping your body produce more acetylcholine, this supplement can help improve your memory and your thinking skills.

Interestingly, some studies have found that Huperzine A may be an effective way to treat Alzheimer's disease. Science still needs to do more research to find out how well this supplement will work in the long term. However, its potential viability as a way of fighting Alzheimer's helps showcase what this supplement can do for others who have memory and thinking problems.


Ashwagandha may be quite a mouthful to say aloud. But this is one of the best supplements when it comes to supporting your brain.

That's because this supplement can help you improve memory and slow down memory loss related to getting older. As an added bonus, this supplement helps reduce blood sugar levels.

Some users have used Ashwagandha to help with sleep-related issues and even athletic performance. But mostly, we love this supplement for what it does for your memory.


PQQ offers a major range of neurological support functions. For example, after someone has a stroke, PQQ reduces the size of the damaged area of the brain. And it can also rescue any neurons in your hippocampus that are in danger.

PQQ supplements are particularly useful for those suffering from more serious mental conditions. For example, PQQ can protect against some of the damage caused by Alzheimer's while protecting against neurotoxicity. And it can prevent against alpha-synuclein proteins that build up in those suffering from Lewy Body Dementia.

We are still researching everything this supplement can do for your brain. But what we have discovered already looks very, very promising!

Rhodiola Rosea

Many of the best brain support supplements do not come from the West. For example, Rhodiola Rosea originally came from China, where it has long been used to help support brain function.

However, the way this supplement helps with brain function is very surprising. The supplement helps to reduce your fatigue. When you feel more alert and less tired, it can help you think more clearly.

If you always feel tired, then this can have a long-term impact on your brain function. Rhodiola Rosea helps fight this fatigue and gives you better control over your brain, and some users reported better brain function after they started taking it.

Bacopa Monnieri

You may have noticed that some of these supplements primarily improve memory and brain function among those who are elderly and/or in poor health. Part of what makes Bacopa Monnieri special is that this supplement is beneficial regardless of your age or health.

That's because this supplement, when taken repeatedly, can boost memory and improve your thinking skills. Although it's important to note that among those who start using this supplement, it often takes a month or longer before they start seeing results.

Some people taking this supplement report that it can cause digestive issues. But so long as you take the supplement when you are eating, you can reduce both the odds of these side effects and their severity.

An "All-In-One" Solution?

As you can tell, there are plenty of different brain supplements out there. But it is both expensive and inconvenient to take all of these different supplements each and every day.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this particular problem. All you need to do is find a supplement that offers all of the different brain health solutions you are looking for in a single bottle.

One such supplement is Cognitive Edge. This supplement was designed to improve memory, enhance focus, and help you retain knowledge. It also helps with stress relief and offers more advanced neuroprotection for your mind.

All you have to do is take two of these supplements with your dinner each night to enjoy a range of mental health benefits. That's because Cognitive Edge contains all of the ingredients that we mentioned above!

Ultimately, this is the kind of supplement that lets you have your cake and eat it, too. Imagine getting all of the benefits of those different supplements from just one bottle. And with the low dosage and competitive pricing, you'll find that Cognitive Edge is one of the most affordable ways to protect your brain from the effects of aging.

Other Ways to Support Brain Health

Want to "supplement" your brain supplements? In addition to taking convenient supplements like Cognitive Edge, there are a number of different things you can do each day to support brain health.

First, make sure that you eat a healthy diet. The right diet will provide most of the nutrients you need for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Think of it this way: the more of these nutrients you get from eating well, the less you'll have to rely on supplements.

Second, try to maintain an active lifestyle. This can help sharpen both your mind and your metabolism, all while helping you stave off everything from obesity to depression.

Third, try to limit the use of alcohol and cigarettes, and cut them out of your life entirely if possible. This becomes more important as you get older because consuming alcohol and cigarettes may increase your risk of dementia.

Fourth, now is the perfect time to take up hobbies like puzzle games. That's because completing word games and puzzle games can help to boost your mental acuity as you age. Plus, these games are great fun, and regularly playing these games with friends will give you something to talk about whenever you get together to socialize.

Finally, don't be afraid to talk about other supplements you may need with your doctor. In addition to brain supplements, your doctor may recommend more supplements your body needs (such as Vitamin D supplements for someone who doesn't make it outside very often).

Your Next Move

Now you know what a brain support supplement is and why brain support supplements are so important. But do you know where you can get the best brain booster delivered right to your doorstep?

Here at SAGE Nutrients, we specialize in providing better living through better memory and focus. To discover how we can improve your life, contact us today!

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